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Big Bang (Korean) is a South Korean boy band. The group’s formation was chronicled on the television series Big Bang Documentary, from July to August 2006. The show was also aired online on GomTV and on MTV Korea. Initially a six-member group, one member, Jang Hyun-seung(now a member of Beast), got eliminated during the airing of the show before the official debut leading to their current line-up.


Member Profile

Birth Name: Choi Seung Hyun (최승현)Stage Name: T.O.P/TempoChinese Name: Sheng Xuan (勝鉉)

Date of birth: November 4, 1987

Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea

Family Members: Parents and an older sister

Physique: 180cm, 65kg

Blood Type: B

Religion: Christian

Group Position: Sub-Vocalist, Main Rapper and Composer

Professions: Composer, Lyricist, Singer, Rapper, Beat Boxer, Actor, Record Producer, Model

Education: Seoul Art College – Majoring in Musical, Dangook University -Theater & Film



TOP likes the color pink, his room is full of toys, he has high sense of humor, his stage name was given by SE7EN and he’s chubby when he was at very young age.


ü    “Friend” (with Taeyang)

ü     “Act Like Nothing’s Wrong”

ü    “Hallelujah” (with G-Dragon OST Iris)

ü    “Turn It Up”

ü     “Because” (with Seungri OST Nineteen)

ü     “Of All Days”

ü    I’m Sorry (Japanese Ver.) (with Gummy)

ü     “Buckwild” (with NBK Gray)

ü    “Big Boy”

ü    “I’m Sorry” (with Gummy)

ü    “All I See Is you” (with Zia)

ü    “D.I.S.C.O ” (with Uhm Jung Hwa)

ü    “Digital Bounce” (with Se7en)


Birth Name : Kwon Ji Yong (권지용)Stage Name : G-Dragon/GD (지드래곤)Chinese Name : Zhi Long (志龍)

Date of birth: August 18, 1988

Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea

Physique: 170cm, 54kg

Blood Type: A

Religion: Christian

Group Position: Leader, Vocalist, Lead Rapper, and Composer
Professions: Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Record Producer, And Composer

Family Members: Parents and an older sister
Education: Seoul Korean Traditional Arts Middle & High School



ü  GD likes cooking, crispy doughnuts, dogs, cars, watching cartoons and HIMSELF.

ü  He was taught Chinese for a year though then forgot everything after being taught other languages.

ü  The most memorable gift GD received from a fan was a CD of many different porn videos

ü  The only member of Big Bang who is not afraid of Yang Hyun Suk (President of YG Entertainment).



ü    2007 : “This Love”

ü    2007 : “Super Fly” (with Lexy, T.O.P, and Taeyang)

ü    2008 : “Naman Barabwa Part 2”

ü    2009 : “But I Love U ”

ü    2009 : “Heartbreaker”

ü    2009 : “Breathe”

ü    2009 : “Butterfly”

ü    2009 : “Sonyeoniyeo”

ü    2009 : “Rain is Fallin’/Hybrid Dream” (with W-inds)

ü    2009 : “The Leaders” (with Teddy Park and CL)

ü    2009 : “Hello” (with Sandara Park)

ü    2009 : “She’s Gone” (with Kush)

ü    2010 “Heartbreaker” (with Flo Rida)

ü    2010 : “Korean Dream” (with Taeyang)

ü    2010 : “Gossip Man”

ü    2010 : “1 Year Station”

ü    2010 : “I Need a Girl” (with Taeyang)

ü    2010 : “High High” (with TOP)

ü    2010 : “Oh Yeah” (with TOP and Park Bom)

ü    2010 : “Knock Out” (with TOP)

Birth Name : Dong Yeong Bae (동영배)

Stage Name : Taeyang/Sol (태양)
Chinese Name : Tai Yang (太陽)
Date of birth : May 18, 1988
Place of birth : Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Physique : 170cm, 56kg
Blood Type : AB
Religion : Christian
Group Position : Main Vocalist, Main Dancer
Professions: Singer, dancer, actor
Family Members: Parents and an older brother (Dong Hyeon Bae)
Education : Daejin University (Theater & Film)
Twitter : @Realtaeyang



  • Taeyang and G-dragon have already had their solo concerts.
  • Taeyang and G-dragon ripped their pants the most while dancing during their trainee days.
  • Acc to YG, the only present Taeyang gave him during the ten years they’d known each other (2000-2010) was a bowl of ramyun.
  • Taeyang has his own special way in cooking ramyun.
  • G-Dragon and Taeyang have been friends since the year 2000.
Singlesü  2006 : “My Girl”ü  2008 : “Prayer” (with Teddy)

ü  2008 : “Look Only At Me”

ü  2009 : “Where U At”

ü  2009 : “Wedding Dress”

ü  2010 : “I Need a Girl” (with G-Dragon)

ü  2010 : “I’ll Be There”

ü  2010 : “Solar (Intro)”

ü  2010 : “Superstar”

ü  2010 : “Just a Feeling”

ü  2010 : “You’re My”

ü  2010 : “Move” (with Teddy)

ü  2010 : “Break Down”

ü  2010 : “After You Fall Asleep” (with Swings)

ü  2010 : “Take It Slow”

ü  2010 : “I’ll Be There” (English version)

ü  2010 : “Connection” (with Big Tone)

Birth Name : Kang Daesung (강대성)

Stage Name : Daesung/D-Lite (대성)
Chinese Name : Da Sheng (大聲)
Date of birth : April 26, 1989
Place of birth : Incheon, South Korea
Physique : 173cm, 62kg
Blood Type : O
Religion : Christian
Group Position : Lead Vocalist
Professions: Singer, MC, Actor
Family Members: Parents and an older sister
Education : Kyunghee University


  • Only Daesung is using his real name, he’s always bright and does his best in everything.
  • When he is around people, he lightens the mood and he loves goofing off and eating.
  • Doesn’t like showing his sadness, known to be the “happy” one in the group.
  • Daesung has an obsession with Doraemon. He even has Doraemon chopsticks.
  • The staff referred to Daesung as “the ugly one” when he first entered the company.
  • Despite the one year age difference, Daesung and Seungri were/are still awkward.
  • Daesung is ALWAYS smiling.
Singles:ü    Now We – (with Nemo)ü    Try Smiling

ü    Look at Me, Gwisun

ü     Big Hit!

ü    Family Day

ü    Cotton Candy

ü    “How Did We Get” (with Lee Hyori)

ü    “Baby Don’t Cry”

ü     “Lunatic”

Birth Name : Lee Sung Hyun (이승현)

Stage Name : Seungri/V.I. (승리)

Chinese Name : Sheng Li (勝利)

Date of birth: December 12, 1990

Place of birth: Gwangju, South Korea

Physique: 174cm, 57kg

Blood Type: A

Religion: Catholic

Group Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, maknae

Professions: Singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, record producer, composer

Family Members: Parents and a younger sibling

Education: Chung Ang University


  • Seungri does not call TOP “hyung” when Tabi’s not around.
  • Very strong for the youngest member in the group.
  • He is pretty mature because his blood type is A.
  • He is shy and keeps lots of things to himself.
  • Seungri is the “Prince” of Gwangju.
  • According to the GD&TOP, Seungri has secret meetings with girls.
  • G-Dragon and Seungri are known as BIGBANG’s Tom and Jerry.
Seungri’s specialities are his dance, voice, looks and confidence.
Singles: ü  2008 : “The Next Day”ü  2009 : “Strong Baby” (with G-Dragon)

2011 : “VVIP” 

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Secret Big Bang (Secret Garden Parody) 2

Big Bang Parody Coffee Prince Part 1

Big Bang Parody Coffee Prince Part 2

BOF Parody – Big Bang 1

BOF Parody – Big Bang 2

Virus Parody by BIGBANG 2


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