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Sungha Jung’s Guitar

Do you like the way Sungha Jung plays the guitar and want to learn it yourself?

Sungha’s Guitar

Don’t you want to know what kind of guitar Sungha has been playing?

Let’s see.

The First Guitar
When he was 9 years old, he bought a classic guitar made of plywood with his pocket money as his first guitar. It was a really coarse plywood guitar and its price was less than $60.
It was like a kind of toy that was hard to tune.

You can see the only song played with this guitar.
Anak — Sungha Jung (June 27, 2008)

The Second Guitar
His dad was so surprised at his extraordinary skill with a toy-like guitar and decided to buy a better one. That’s Sungha’s second guitar — a parlor guitar, Cort Earth900.
Even though it was a small-sized guitar, the size was still a problem for little Sungha.
It was not easy for little Sungha to play with bigger guitar than him. But he started playing seriously and recorded many video.
‘Akaskero’, which made him to meet Thomas Leeb and ‘Blue Moon’ with Tommy Emmanuel, was the song that he played with this guitar.
It sounded better than his first guitar, but he still needed a better guitar that would suit him well.
BTW, it was hard to decide to make a hand-made guitar for rapidly-growing 9-years-old boy with more $1,000.
However, it was not easy for Sungha’s dad to get him a custom-made guitar, because it would cost him thousands of dollars and Sungha would soon grow out it!

The Third Guitar
When Sungha’s dad was looking for a better guitar, one famous Korean guitar manufacturer “Selma” proposed to make the custom guitar for him.
Selma sponsored him a small-combo sized “All Spruce” model, and this became Sungha’s third guitar.
This guitar is also recognized as ‘a signed-guitar’ by his youtube fans. The story is that Thomas Leeb and Sungha became friends after Thomas watched Sungha’s playing his arrangements and invited him to his concert. Thomas Leeb wrote on this third guitar,“Keep on Grooving, To my Friend, Thomas Leeb”.
This guitar soon became Sungha’s best partner as well as the best friend during his skill grew most rapidly.


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